• Your Tool Box: Pliers

    Photo of pliersWhen you start building up your tool box there are a few hand tools that are necessary. Pliers come in many shapes and sizes. One choice is a pair of, tongue and groove pliers, also referred to as channellocks. Channellock is a name brand but almost everyone refers to their tongue and groove pliers as channellocks.

    Channellocks are used by a wide range of professionals: plumbers, electricians, auto mechanics, and firefighters, so if they put their trust in this tool, why shouldn’t you?

    The special jaw design can accommodate many shapes and sizes. They can grip irregularly shaped items such as, round, square, flat and hexagonal, they also have serrated jaws to provide positive grip and they have insulated grips. Channellocks also have a tongue and groove mechanism that keeps the two handles in synch and allows you to really get a grip on what you are working on. The mating surfaces are undercut so they work to tighten against each other as you squeeze rather than spreading apart as other pliers do.

    These are professional grade pliers, and cost a little more than your bargain basement type tools, but the old saying “You get what you pay for” is certainly relevant in this case. A quality pair of channellocks can last you a very long time, if properly taken care of.

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