• The Counter Makes the Kitchen

    If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then it only stands to reason that every part of the room should be in perfect working order. The household cook is always relying on solid, consistent surfaces for chopping and otherwise preparing fresh ingredients, so the countertop is just as important as any electrical appliance. Scratches and chips in the counter are a tell-tale sign of neglect and disrepair.

    By installing laminate countertops, you can provide your kitchen with more convenience and functionality than ever before. There’s plenty of prep work to be done before actually installing the counter. First, allow the laminate to sit inside the room so that it can adjust to the moisture and temperature of the air. Then decide whether you want to go to the trouble of removing the existing laminate surface; it’s often easier to pile a new layer right on top. Make sure that the old surface is even and slightly rough so that the adhesive will take. Then take note of the counter’s dimensions and gather up your tools for the installation.

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