• Spruce Up Your Backyard

    A relaxing, versatile backyard is one of the greatest pleasures of home ownership.  A space for friends and family to gather, play and eat is something that will not only add enjoyment but also value to a home.  If you’re looking to improve your outdoor space, here are some ideas to get you started.

    Adding a Gazebo

    gazeboGazebos can be terrific additions to your yard.  Providing shelter in an otherwise unprotected area extends the usage to weather beyond those clear summer days.  Building your own is an advanced project, but completely within reach for a someone with some construction experience.

    If you’re not up to the task of building your own, there are plenty of pre-made units to choose from.


    Design for a Fire Pit

    Much like a gazebo, a fire pit can extend the usage of your outdoor space into the seasons beyond summer.  An important decision with selecting (or building) a fire pit is what type of fuel you want to use.  Gas-powered pits are incredibly convenient, since they typically require a simple switch to operate.  Wood-powered units, however, bring a certain charm of natural fire but have significantly more clean up and preparation.

    There is a full range of styles of fire pits available, from the simple fire rings to the more sophisticated fire tables.  Of course, if you’re handy, there are lots of examples of DIY fire pits available for inspiration.


    Add a Hammock

    Falling asleep outdoors is one of the great joys of those beautiful summer days.  If you have plenty of trees to anchor from, a tie-up hammock is a great use of natural features.  If you need something free standing, there are plenty of designs to choose from. We love hammocks, and a quick survey reveals that everyone who contributes to the DIY Projects Blog has one!


    Water Features

    The babble of a brook will certainly help you fall asleep in your aforementioned hammock.  Or perhaps you enjoy the serenity of a koi pond?  While much more invasive structurally, a pond, stream or even waterfall can add tremendous value to your property.  Here are some inspiring examples.



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