• Router Table Top – Laminate

    Did you know that if you are looking for a new surface for you router tabletop, plastic laminate is an ideal surface for router tables, and light colors are very desirable as they make the work piece more visible. They also allow you to make pencil marks indicating start and stop positions for cuts.

    The ideal tabletop is a medium density fiberboard (MDF) substrate covered with plastic laminate. Make sure you cover both faces, to equalize tension and avoid warping. And to make it smooth, sand the top with 400 grit wet/dry paper. The first time you do this, it’s a little unnerving to sand brand new laminate!

    After sanding, use a tack cloth to clean the top. Then make it slick by rubbing in a coat of clear shoe polish. Buff the shoe polish for an incredibly smooth, slick surface that won’t rub off on your unfinished wooden work pieces.

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