• Router Safety Tips

    Router bits spin so fast that they demand your constant attention. Accidents can happen suddenly. Here are a few of the most important safety rules for using Routers and Router Tables:

    • Always unplug the router when changing the bit.
    • Push the bit into the collet. Then lift it to expose about one-quarter of the shank before tightening the collet nut. This will keep the bit from coming loose in the collet. At least two-thirds of the bit’s shank should be engaged in the router collet.
    • Cover the bit with a guard whenever possible.
    • Wear safety glasses and hearing protection.
    • Use featherboards and push sticks to keep your fingers away from the bit.
    • Move workpieces from right to left against the fence.
    • Move workpieces counterclockwise around a piloted bit.
    • Never position the fence so the workpiece is pushed between it and the bit.
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