• Product Review: Rockler Bench Cookie

    Bench cookiesSecurely holding your work in place is an age-old problem. Using standard clamping methods like bench-dogs, hold-downs, router mats, and a host of other methods have been used to keep your work where its supposed to be.

    Bench cookies are the very latest tool to add to your workshop ‘must haves’. They’re an elegantly simple solution to common problems.

    There is absolutely nothing too technical or complex about these. Just a simple disk, about the size of a standard hockey puck but faced with non-slip rubber on each side. Put them down on your workbench or other work surface, put your work on the top of the Bench Cookies and it will just stay there.

    There are other products out there that try to hold your work in place but, believe me, you wont find any as good as the Bench Cookie.

    Manufactured by Rockler, the Bench Cookie now has an entire line of products based on the main idea, these include cones, risers, and saw horse adapters.

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