• Product Review: Makita 7-Piece Combo Kit

    makita-combo-kitI’ve wanted a good set of cordless tools for about a year. I figured there are so many little side projects around my house, one of my biggest deterents is set up, making sure the extension cord is long enought or sometimes requireing two, finding the right plug; then there is the packing up. In all the time it would take me to set up my work station, I’d talk myself out of doing my side projects.

    I had settled on the Makita LXT702 combo set or the Milwaukee 28V 4 Tool Kit. I hear great things aboutMilwaukee, plus my dad’s corded Milwaukee sawzall has been going strong for over 15 years.

    But here was the kicker for me in my decision making. I got more tools from this 18V set than I would theMilwaukee 28V set. If I needed more power, then I could just get the corded tools which I happen to have. i.e. this hammer drill could not drive a screw through some old wood, I could neither back out the screw or drive it in. So, I brought in my Corded Porter Cable screw gun, and it drove the screw no problem at all. I know I could have drilled a bigger pilot hole, but needless to say, by that time, the screw was stuck.

    This set from what I found, cannot replace your corded tools for power… But, that is if you have a good set of corded tools already. If you need max power in a battery pack, you should do more research on the 28V tools.

    Quick run down of tools:

    1. Flashlight… Incredibly bright. Will light up a room even if you have it on the ground.
    2. Sawzall… Tool-less blade change is great. Has quite a bit of power. You could have endless uses for this sawzall even if it isn’t construction handy work. I could see situations where I can trim 5″ tree limbs with the right blade, no cables to cause dangers.
    3. Circular saw, cuts 2X4′s well. I was able to cut several plywoods as well. Of course I’m not contractor so I’m not going to drain the battery with my small use of it.
    4. Impact drill will screw a screw in with authority – the screw will be pipping hot when you take it out. I tried using this to remove the above mentioned screw, but the hammering action was eating the head of the screw.
    5. Grinder – I haven’t worked with it but seems to give a good kick when you push the trigger.
    6. Hammer drill… I had problems with utilizing this as a screw gun. But the drill works quite well. The Hammer drill option works good as well.
    7. Portable radio… works well. But, I find you have to move it around in order to get optimal reception. When I put it in certain places, the static will be bad, but if I move it around, I can put it where the reception is crystal clear. The MP3 plug is a good option, but the “SOUND IS LOW” in comparison to the normal radio option. You won’t need to squint your ear to hear, but you will notice the difference.

    Makita Combo Kit Makita Impact Drill Makita Sawzall

    Side note, you get all or nothing power, which is good. When the battery runs out, the tool just will not work. But you will get power up until the power drains enough not to operate the tools.

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