• Men Take Car Care Seriously

    Car Repair PhotoWhich really is man’s best friend, his car or his dog? A lot has been written about the dog being the man’s best friend. I say his best friend is his car. Does a man’s garage not overflow with car care products while his dog is allotted a box in the corner for his things? Does he not spend the whole of Sunday polishing and buffing his car while he grudgingly takes some measly minutes to give his dog a bath?

    As far as car care products go, the man will surely have polishes, waxes, cleaners and varied tools, like a torque wrench, in his garage. His fender will be buffed to perfection and the tires will look like they have not been used in weeks.  He will spend hours waxing and polishing the body of his car.  Listen to him swear to high heavens when sweet little raindrops decide to bless his beloved car.

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