• Laminate Shears

    Laminate ShearsThe choice of tools that you will need to cut laminate with will depend upon the project, however, I would highly recommend a pair of Laminate Shears. They are capable of making straight cuts in all types of decorative plastic laminate, and have a patented, ‘double action’, hardened steel cutting blade.

    Laminate Shears cut without binding, and will not crack or chip the decorative surface. Widely used by professional and do-it-yourself installers for rough cutting laminate before cementing in place.

    There are a few different types of shears but the most popular are the Straight Cut Version. They are efficient for cuts on any lengths. Your hand is positioned over the top of the laminate and they are designed to cut with a single blade cutting into the decorative surface.

    They can also be used to cut the irregular contour line for the laminate piece that fits between a wall and the backsplash top. They have vinyl coated handles for comfort, and the spring return handles can be locked in the closed position.

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