• Installing a Retractable Screen Door

    Retractable screen doorNow that it is Spring Time and the weather has turned beautiful,  here is a Home Improvement Project that will enable you to get more fresh air into the house with very little work or expense. This Project takes little more than an hour.

    Step 1 – Measure and Cut

    Measure the opening and cut unit (including rails) to size using a hacksaw or reciprocating saw.

    Step 2 –  Mount Screen Cartridge

    Attach clips and snap cartridge into place.

    Step 3 – Secure Track

    Mount top and bottom rail and magnetic latch rail with screws provided.

    Tools needed for installation:

    •  Phillips screwdriver
    •  Measuring tape
    •  Needle nose pliers
    •  Utility knife
    •  Drill and drill bits
    •  Reciprocating saw or hacksaw with miter box
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