• Installing a New Exterior Door

    Exterior door installationBefore deciding on your new exterior door measure the door opening as well as your current front door, and take those measurements to a hardware or home inprovement store and purchase a new door.

    Step 1:

    Take the old door off its hinges. To do this, tap out the pins and carefully slip the door from the hinges.

    Step 2:

    Remove the old door molding using a pry bar or large claw hammer.

    Step 3:

    Remove the hinges from the door jamb by taking out the screws from each hinge. Then remove the door jamb from the door frame. You may need to use a circular saw to make a cut partway up the jamb so that it can be removed in two pieces.

    Step 4:

    Check to make sure the door fits by moving it into place. It’s helpful to have another person there to help you.

    Step 5:

    Caulk the bottom of the door opening and place the bottom of the door in place.

    Step 6:

    Door shimsRaise the top of the door into position. If the door fits and is level, temporarily nail the frame into place. If the door frame is sitting as it should, place wood shims on the hinge side of the door between the wall and the frame. This should prevent the frame from shifting as you work.

    Step 7:

    Secure the door by driving large, finishing nails through the frame and the shims. If any areas appear to be out of alignment, place a shim behind them and secure them with the finishing nails.

    Step 8:

    Finish the exterior trim in a style that matches the exterior of your house.

    Step 9:

    Place insulation between the door jamb and the wall.

    Step 10:

    Make sure that the door hangs correctly, then test its operation by opening and closing it to test its operation. It should operate freely

    Step 11:

    Apply the appropriate interior trim.

    Step 12:

    Door bottom insulationReplace the door hardware either with new hardware or the hardware from the old door.


    Tools & Materials Needed:

    •  Screwdriver
    •  Circular saw
    •  Trim for interior and exterior of the house
    •  Weatherproofing material
    •  New front door
    •  Level
    •  Weatherproof caulk
    •  Prying bar or large hammer
    •  Shims
    •  Hammer
    •  Chisel
    •  Large finishing nails
    •  Tape measure
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