• Installing a Drinking Water Filter System

    Installed water filterStart by mounting the dispenser. Most are designed to fit in the extra hole in a sink top, but if this hole is already in use you’ll have to drill another in the sink or countertop. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for the location and size of the hole. You should only drill only into a stainless-steel or porcelain cast-iron sink; if you have an all-porcelain sink, you will need to drill the hole for the dispenser through the countertop.

    • Tap into the existing cold water supply line using a saddle valve, To install a saddle valve, first turn off the water supply and then open the faucet to drain the line. Following the manufacturer’s directions, drill a small hole in the supply line. Turn the handle on the valve to expose the lance that’s designed to puncture the pipe, and position the valve over the pipe so that the lance fits in the hole. Attach the back plate of the valve and tighten the nuts to lock it in place, and then screw in the lance.


    • Position the cartridge filtration unit between the cold water line and the dispenser. Be sure you leave enough clearance between the system and the cabinet bottom to allow for cartridge replacement. Secure the device to the cabinet back or wall with the hardware provided.


    • To hook up the device, cut enough plastic tubing to reach between the saddle valve and the system. Make it short enough not to kink, but long enough to allow for installing a new compression fitting if needed. Press the tubing into the compression fitting and thread it onto the saddle valve; tighten with your channel lock pliers.


    • Insert the opposite end of the tubing into another compression fitting and thread it onto the inlet port of the filtration unit. Tighten the nut with your hand, and then make another turn or turn and a half with your channellock pliers. Finally, cut a piece of tubing to run from the outlet port of the system to the water dispenser. Insert compression fittings on both ends and thread the nuts onto the dispenser and the system. Turn on the water and open the water dispenser. Let the water run for about five minutes to flush out any carbon particles or air pockets.
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