• Impact Wrench Safety Tips

    Pre-Use Activities:                                                                

    • Review and understand information provided in the owner’s manual, specifically the safety procedures.
    • Inspect the air-impact wrench for damage, disrepair, or missing parts, including assessing the condition of the air hose and associated fittings.
    • Assure the air hose and fittings are secured tightly.

    Operating Precautions:

    • Wear safety glasses with side protectors.
    • Never wear a tie, loose clothing, or jewelry (watch, rings, etc.) when using an air-impact wrench.
    • Tie long hair back or secure under a cap.
    • Wear hearing protection when using this tool; an air-impact wrench creates a noise exposure of about 103 dB.
    • Use clean, dry air at the manufacturer’s recommended pressure (about 90 psi) to power the air-impact wrench.
    • Use impact wrench sockets that are specifically designed for this type of tool.
    • Stop using the air-impact wrench if you experience tingling, numbing, or painful sensations in the hands, fingers, or arms and seek medical attention if the sensations persist. Air-impact wrenches vibrate while being used.
    • Use a torque wrench to apply the proper torque to bolts and nuts. Do not over torque bolts and nuts with an air-impact wrench.
    • Carry an air-impact wrench by the handle or body; never carry an air impact wrench by the air hose.
    • Disconnect the air hose before installing or while performing tool maintenance.
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