• How to optimise natural light in your home

    Being comfortable in your home focused on natural light is easy, natural sunlight can improve how you feel emotionally as well as how you feel mentally, it can also make a big difference to general health too. The following easy tips and ideas will hopefully help towards finding a number of ways to optimise natural light in your personal space or spaces.
    One step which could be easy to overlook, is to simply clean your windows regularly. The build-up of marks and dust has a bigger effect on the amount of natural light is let in a window that you might think. A standard cleaner will generally do a good enough job, but for the more tough marks, vinegar is great for gleaming glass, not forgetting to use a hard surface such as paper afterwards to make sure you get a smear and streak free shine.
    Substantial mirrors placed on the opposite wall to where the window is can also help towards a lighter, brighter and larger feeling room. Painting the walls of the rooms in pale shades or reflective colours can make a cast difference too. Similarly, removing items that are in front of or near any the windows, such as large pieces of furniture, wardrobes or units can assist in making the most natural light. Dining or coffee tables which are topped with glass are great at reflecting light in the exact same way that a window would. Carefully chosen furniture and fabric colours will contribute to keeping a room naturally lighter. Beige, white, magnolia or pine wood furnishings will reflect well and give an illusion of more space and light. I recommend using gloss paint, particularly in bathrooms and kitchens, as matt paint blocks the light whereas it will be reflect more with gloss paint.
    If you have a good amount of money to play with, skylights can be a fantastic investment. Not only will make a considerable amount of light, but in rooms where the sunlight comes in, will be warmer naturally, and because of this, it will reduce the electricity and lighting cost. Another way to create natural light in is to remove or trim any significant trees, bushes or even fencing that is blocking any sunlight getting in. This is an effective and cheap way of maximising the light in your home, as in most cases you’ll be able to do it yourself, saving money on getting in a professional to do it.
    French doors, floor to ceiling windows and Patios can all also help to optimise natural light within your home, you could always get larger windows than the ones that are already in place, especially in north facing rooms that exposed to as much sunlight. Exchange fully UPVC or wooden doors for fully glazed, or even a panel at the bottom and glass at the top. Roman blinds made to measure can be very helpful in helping to manage the light within a particular. The shades can be opened fully or stay fixed halfway, as well as anything in between and with a carefully chosen colour scheme your home will still appear light and airy.

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