• Home Energy Monitors

    Energy monitors are a great way to check and work out the energy and electricity you are wasting around the house and certain rooms. Although energy monitors do not directly save energy, they do give you a fantastic indication and statistics on the amount of power you are using, so you can better understand and act upon the results you see.

    Most people find that they easily make back the money they paid for the monitor, if they read and use the information effectively. Setting up an energy or electricity monitor in your home is quick and easy, without the need of specialists or DIY knowledge. Each monitor is usually made up of a transmitter that clips onto the electricity wire running into your electricity meter and a monitor for reading the results, which normally is a handheld small device which you can place anywhere around the house. You will be surprised when trying to cut down on your power usage, the amount of items that really eat up electricity.

    I found that small items such as iPhones and laptops charging, internet routers left on all day and even items on standby such as TVs and DVD players were a main factor in my electricity usage. I was able to unplug these items and monitor the effect they were having on my power consumption. So far I have saved energy and money at a noticeable level, which I can keep track of over the year and work out my full savings!

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