• Hardware Gift Ideas for Dad

    Dad’s never satisfied unless he’s wielding the latest hardware technology (whether he actually uses it or not!). Here are a few excellent hardware gifts that are sure to delight fathers everywhere. Remember, it doesn’t have to be practical for him to love it!

    Cordless Drills

    A cordless drill and set of drill bits are a great gift with numerous practical applications. That creaking cupboard, loose railing, or sagging gutter is sure to be repaired quick with dad wielding one of these!  Having to run a plug is a major inconvenience, and modern cordless drills are incredibly powerful and versatile.  We recommend a 20 volt drill if maximum power is needed.


    Laser Level

    These unique levels project a straight line on the wall, allowing dad to hang pictures, clocks, or wall ornaments with accuracy.  Laser levels have the benefit of having a far greater reach than a traditional level, and they look very cool.


    Wrench Set

    For those dads who love working on their cars, machines, and engines, a wrench set is essential.  Although a wrench set might not seem like the most interesting gift, having a great set on hand is invaluable.  When you need them, you NEED them.


    Circular Saw

    The circular saw is probably the most versatile of the powered saws.  It’s small size means it’s incredibly portable, but can still be effective in ripping long cuts or cutting out small pieces.

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