• Get your bathroom a makeover

    In order to decorate your bathroom, There is endless possibles, each decor plan represent specific taste, but our aim is to bring something natural, elegant & out of the box, off course budget is another important factor before determining your bathroom makeover. Which tiles to choose, White tiles, black or mosaic? what about sanitary? Where to allocated the bath area & where to fix the bathroom cabinets? Here are some examples to redo your bathroom with beautiful tiles & bathroom accessories.

    This bathroom model represent the old style, Where mosaic is used, the mosaic has reappearing many lasted bathroom designs with Wall, floor, shower, vanity, yeah it’s everywhere. Due to its aesthetic appeal, the reason for this return is also due to its fresh appearance & wide range of colors & sizes. Another advantage of the mosaic is is simplicity in installation, you may use it simply, instead of a scroll. If in case, if the small size of the tiles does not inspire you, but you can create a mosaic effect tiling with tiles of different colors, to better compose the work.

    A luxury bathroom model by Jean-Philippe.  Here, You can the bath tub stands in the middle. For walls, there is touches of blue and white with the originality of old fashioned brick chimney. The pure color is enhanced by the raw bleached oak. Floors and frames represents the  postcards of chic resorts of northern Belgium.

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