• DIY Water Bottle Holder

    A few years ago we got a new puppy, and she was used to drinking from the water bottles that they hang on their crates in the pet store. She did not know how to drink from a bowl and seemed very stressed at the idea of getting near one.

    This wasn’t much of a problem when we were at home since I attached one to her crate and she was as happy as can be.

    The problem came later, when we decided to take her on our motor home. The crate we have on it is a soft sided crate and we could not hang a water bottle from it.

    I got creative and made her a stand for the bottle, that would work on the motor home and we have now added one upstairs in our home.

    It’s really very simple. I used oak planks to make the base and the sides. I left the top open for the water bottle to slide down into and then I used my plunge router to make a slot for the water spout and finished it with some urethane to make it water resistant. Now we are all happy.

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