• DIY Under Cabinet Lighting

    Installed lighting photoSeveral years ago my wife and I remodeled our kitchen. We added new cabinets, new tile floor, and new granite countertops. When we were finished, there was just something missing.

    I redid our recessed lighting by removing the fluorescent lighting and adding wood and can lights and that made a huge difference, then I started thinking about adding some kind of lighting that enhanced our granite countertop.

    Using low-voltage under cabinet lighting fixtures made it very simple to install, and they are almost invisible since I was able to easily hide the wire for the transformers.

    You can do it yourself and install these under cabinet lights if you can read and follow directions. The hardest decision was how to make them switch on and off. I prefer to have them turn on separately from the overhead lights. I also installed a dimmer switch with the lights. That way when we are working in the kitchen they are bright and then when we are done in the kitchen we can use them as night lights or as a dim light while watching TV.

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