• DIY Laminated Shelves

    Laminate ShelvesI recently spotted this project on the internet to make shelves to store CD’s, photos, games or whatever else you would like to organize. I thought it was quite a unique project, but I would like to take this project one step further.

    Purchase closet organizers that are commonly used for shoes. You can purchase several of the organizers to make the shelves whatever size you want. You can make multiple sets. Since there are already predrilled holes, you can make the shelves whatever height you would like. Or if need be, drill some new holes for the shelves. But here is where I would like to make a change. Why not use laminate to finish them to enhance your decorating style. If you would like, choose a bold and bright color. Or choose a wood finish to match other furniture in the room. The point is, they don’t have to stay white.

    Laminate is easy to install, with some contact cement and a router this would be a simple project. There are endless possibilities, since there are many, many styles of laminate to be used.

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