• DIY Installing a Solar Tube

    Solar Tube Cross SectionWhen choosing the right spot for your solar tube, keep these points in mind:

    •  Choose a spot between ceiling joists and roof rafters because you want to avoid cutting into your homes structural elements
    •  Although elbow joints are available, for easier installation and higher light output, choose a location that will allow a straight run from the ceiling to the roof
    •  Make sure there are no electrical wires or other obstructions where you plan to install the skylight

    Once you’ve chosen the location for your solar tube, it’s time to cut the holes in the ceiling and the roof.

    •  From inside your room, push a nail through the ceiling at the center of where the diffuser will be
    •  From the attic, use a plumb line to find the spot directly above the nail that you pushed through the ceiling and drill a hole through the spot in the roof
    •  From inside your room, using a template or the ceiling ring, scribe a circle in the ceiling and cut out that portion using a    drywall saw
    •  Install the ceiling ring
    •  From your roof, use a template or the flashing to scribe a circle centered on the hole you drilled earlier
    •  From your roof, use a reciprocating saw to cut out the section of the roof that you marked

    Floor JoistsNow that the holes are cut, Install the flashing.

    •  Remove or cut any roofing nails from underneath the shingles around the top half of the hole
    •  Prepare the flashing for installation by caulking the underside of the flashing
    •  Insert the flashing underneath the shingles and tar paper at the slits you cut earlier, pushing it up until the shingles come in contact with the raised portion of the flashing
    •  Secure the flashing with the screws provided in the installation kit

    Once the flashing is installed, you are ready to build and install the tube.

    •  Measure the distance from the top of the flashing to the ceiling to determine how much tubing you will need
    •  Assemble the length of tubing needed
    •  Remove the protective film from inside the tubing
    •  Insert the pipe through the flashing until it is even with the ceiling ring
    •  Secure the tube to the ceiling ring and flashing with the screws provided in the installation kit
    •  Remove any excess tubing sticking out of the flashing by cutting it off using tin snips

    Attach the dome to the flashing using the screws provided in the installation kit.

    Attach the diffuser and trim ring to the ceiling ring.

    Enjoy Your Solar Tube!

    These are the general steps for installing a Solar Tube. You now have a good idea of what’s involved in this project. Make sure to always read the Manufacturer’s Instructions, and ALWAYS follow proper safety measures.

    Materials needed:

    • 14-inch skylight assembly
    • Drill with 1/8 inch bit
    • Coat hanger
    • Marker
    • Reciprocating saw
    • Screwdriver
    • Tarp
    • Drywall saw
    • Aluminum tape
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