• DIY Car Sales

    Car PhotoIf you are a car owner for any length of time, chances are at some point, you’ll need to sell a used car. While in the past, this have have meant only a few options, today you can sell cars online, so you can create your own listing and offer the car to potential buyers all over the world.

    The following are just two simple, but important things to consider when you approach selling your car online for the very first time.

    • How will the vehicle reach the buyer? It is one thing if the buyer is local, but the Internet can connect you to buyers found virtually everywhere. The cost of overseas shipping, if applicable, is going to be compounded by the regulations of the country you are sending to. Think of emissions, and how different states might view the requirements: now multiply that out a few times, and you’ll see how complex it may become. You can avoid some issues, by statiung clearly in the listing and/or follow-up communications that the necessary paperwork is the sole responsibility of the buyer. This is not an airtight legal protection, but it does at least clearly establish expectations. You may make pick-up of the vehicle a prerequisite for purchase. it would limit your buying pool a little perhaps, but it would also make things much easier on you. And if someone wants a vehicle bad enough, they will figure out how to pick it up.
    • How will the money be handled? With a larger transaction, such as a used car purcahse, there might be some degree of financing involved. If you are not willing to consider that (most sellers don’t), then how you get paid for your car is a concern primarily to you. It would be nice if you always received cash for cars, but that is not generally the case. Checks are going to be more common, or direct transfers. In either one of these cases, you are going to want to protect your own interests as well as the buyer’s. You may need to wait a few days for a check to clear before you allow the vehicle to be released to the new owner – and any buyer is going to be aware of this as a standard procedure. Make sure you have the funds verified before transferring ownership – good common sense.
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