• DIY Bathtub Installation

    How to Install a Bathtub

    It goes without saying that bathtub installation is a two-person job at the least. Enlist the help of family or friends (maybe someone who owes you a favor) to ensure that your bathtub is installed properly and more importantly, that you do not hurt yourself.

    Building codes vary, so make sure to check them before you begin your bathtub installation.

    • Check the flooring – inspect the flooring to make sure that there are no damaged floorboards. Replace damaged floorboards and sub-flooring before moving on to the next step.
    • Make a mortar bed – If you removed your old tub, then it is likely that the previous mortar bed has been damaged. Chip the old mortar away and make a new one. This can be done with thin-set mortar or concrete and should be at least an inch or two thick. The thickness and proper construction of this mortar bed is extremely important because this is what will be supporting the bathtub when it is at its heaviest, when it is full of water.
    • Check your piping – All the piping must be completely installed before setting your bathtub into place.
    • Install the tub – In this step, be sure that the tub is resting on and supported by the floor and not the bathtub rim.
    • Nail the tub in position by hammering galvanized nails through the flanges.
    • Assemble the bathtub drain connections.
    • Turn on the water to check for any leaks – Repair problem areas by refitting and resealing the pipes if leaks are found.
    • Install faucet and shower fixtures.
    • Seal the area surrounding the tub with silicone – It may also be a good idea to apply caulking to the areas between the bathroom fixtures and the wall to prevent water from seeping behind the fixtures and causing water damage.

    Tools Needed for this Project Include

    •  Propane torch and soldering supplies• Hacksaw
    •  Tube cutter
    •  Drill
    •  Galvanized nails and screws
    •  Level
    •  New bathtub
    •  Safety glasses
    •  PVC drain pipe, fittings, P-trap, and overflow pipe
    •  Hammer
    •  Copper supply pipe
    •  Tape measure
    •  Plastic shims
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