• Creative Wallpaper Projects and Recycling Materials

    musalAre you itching for a new project to reinvent your home? Creative wallpaper projects using recycled materials might be just right for you. Here’s why. If you live in an older home, perhaps you enjoy reading about green building and new styles in home design. With your older home, there are limitations without expensive remodeling. Making cosmetic changes to your home is fun and inexpensive.

    Some ideas for wallpapering using found objects include many used materials including: brown grocery bags, maps, tissue paper, wrapping paper, sheet music, postcards, photographs, book pages, magazines, newspapers, wallpaper scraps, upholstery scraps, and greeting cards. With creative wallpapering, the sky is the limit. If it is a relatively flat material that can be slapped onto a wall with glue, then it can be preserved to create a beautiful look on your walls Another option is to make a wallpaper mural using the same approach to create inexpensive artwork for your home.

    One consideration is whether you want your walls to look like they are covered with recycled materials. You might opt for a more subtle effect. Some recycled finishes will look like you bought expensive paper (as with maps) to decorate your home.

    Creative wallpapering can add smaller effects to your home decor. Whether you want to cover a small section of a wall, storage boxes, tabletops, counters, shelves, planters, trunks, or other items with flat surfaces, wallpapering with recycled materials is affordable. For some people, just the fun of planning and shopping for materials makes a great adventure.

    Use the Internet or a library book for tips on how to glue on wallpaper and protect it with a varnish sealer or other product to protect your wallpapering project. Have fun while helping the Earth through recycling!

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