• Carpentry The Old Fashioned Way

    When it comes to carpentry, the process of crafting wood is often just as enjoyable as the end product.  In a time when there is an electric equivalent to most of the standard hand tools, some people lose sight of the importance of appreciating the crafting process.  While crafting with electric tools can be enjoyable as well, using hand tools instead gives you a much better feeling of satisfaction with the completed project.  Hand tools were used for centuries to craft some of the most beautiful pieces of woodwork, pieces that look just as exquisite, if not more so, than the pieces created today with electric tools.  Choosing to use hand tools teaches carpentry as an art more than carpentry as a profession.

    Chances are you might already have a set of hand tools somewhere around your home, but in case you don’t, you’ll want to cover the basics including a claw hammer, nails, hand drill, screws, wood glue, saw, miter box, measuring tape, ruler, level, and sand paper. With these you can create some beautiful pieces of wood art, and purchase more advanced equipment as your technique improves.

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