• Cabinet Hardware Installation

    If your cabinet installation is close to being complete, it is probably time to think about what style of door hardware you want.

    Do you like handles?  How about knobs? What style?  How about the finish?  There are many things for you to consider. The price range alone is enough to make your head spin.

    There is one thing that makes this task easier. When you get ready to install, look for an alignment template at your local hardware store. They are inexpensive and save a lot of time. Read the instructions to make sure that the handles you have selected fit with the template. Whether you’re mounting knobs or pulls, these templates make alignment fast, easy and most important precise! Then just mark the location with a pencil, grab your drill and a sharp drill bit and have at it. This is one project that you can have done in just a few minutes. One that makes your cabinets complete.

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