• Beam Type Torque Wrench

    There are two common types of torque wrenches for home use; the “beam” type and the “clicker” type. Today we will talk about the beam type. The beam type torque wrench is the least expensive torque wrench.

    The beam wrench works by the beam bending in response to the torque applied. This type is very simple, reliable, and accurate, and there is little that can go wrong with it when used properly. When tightening a bolt, make sure to only apply force in the center of the handle. This allows the beam to bend in the manner it was designed to indicate the correct torque. Do not over torque the wrench or the beam may bend permanently. Do not drop the wrench because rough handling can bend the pointer arm or pointer. If the pointer is bent, it can be bent back to the center without affecting accuracy. If the beam is bent it cannot be bent back.

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