• Air Filter Replacement

    It’s spring time, so it is time to do some of that springtime maintenance on your vehicle. Now would be a good time to check and if need be replace that air filter.

    It is a really easy do it yourself project that you can do to maintain the effectiveness of your vehicle and save some money at the same time. Not only is it cheaper for you to change it yourself, a dirty air filter has an undesired affect on your gas mileage. It lowers it.

    In just a few easy steps and hardly any tools (maybe a screwdriver), this project can be completed in just a few minutes, for just a few dollars.

    Locate and Open the Filter Housing– a black plastic case with metal clips on the sides. There should also be a black tube going into the plastic case on most cars. Flip the little metal clips downward.

    Secure the screws– If you removed nuts from the top of your filter housing, be sure to put them in a safe secure location.

    Remove the Old Filter– the filter will either be round or rectangle and will be made of lots of folded paper surrounded by rubber. Before you remove the dirty filter, take a good look and remember how it sits in the housing so you can be sure to put the new one in correctly.

    Put the New Filter in Place– Place the new air filter in the housing, if you have mistakenly put the filter in upside down, don’t worry, the housing won’t close, so just turn it over and make sure the rubber gasket is seated all the way down. Close and secure the housing and you have completed your task.

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