• Scissor Sharpening

    ScissorsHave dull scissors? Not to worry, sharpening them with a Rotary Tool is a simple and easy way to sharpen them.

    • Separate the scissor blades by unscrewing the screw found in the middle of the scissors.
    • Place one of the blades in a bench vise with the sharp edge facing outward. Make sure you pay close attention to the shape of the blade. One side of the blade should be angled downward resulting in the sharp edge, while the other side will not be. Position the scissors so that the angled side faces upward.
    • Insert the bit into the rotary tool and turn it on. (Use an aluminum oxide grinding stone # 932)
    • Hold the Rotary Tool at a 10 degree angle and grind.
    • Continue grinding along the length of he scissor blade at this angle until the entire edge is sharp.
    • Remove the blade from the vise and insert the other blade. Sharpen the second blade just like the first.
    • Reattach the blades by inserting the screw and tightening it up.

    Make sure to always wear safety glasses.

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